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Ideas, strategies and plans that might help your business amid this exceptional situation to encourage new bookings, deal with cancellations and optimize your operations and get out stronger when coronavirus is over.

Desde Avantio, queremos apoyar a nuestra comunidad en el alquiler vacacional y compartir algunos consejos que os ayuden a superar esta complicada situación.

Guía de Airbnb para los anfitriones que gestionan su negocio mediante software

Ahora más que nunca, tener una propiedad de alquiler de vacaciones limpia y desinfectada es de suma importancia.

Los huéspedes pondrán un mayor énfasis en permanecer en propiedades que saben que tienen altos estándares de limpieza.

Es por eso que queremos darte algunas recomendaciones sobre cómo mantener una propiedad de alquiler vacacional limpia y desinfectada que haga que el huésped se sienta seguro.

At Avantio, we would like to support our community during this complex phase with information that will help you and guide you

Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

Now more than ever, having a clean and disinfected vacation rental property is of utmost importance. 

That is why we want to give you some recommendations on how to keep a spick and span vacation rental property that makes the guest feel safe.

In Vrbo’s nearly 25 years, the marketplace has been through a lot but nothing comes close to the current challenges facing our travelers, partners and team members around the world. More than anything, Vrbo understands this brings immense uncertainty to travel and therefore your business.

The vacation rental sector has become quite competitive in the past few years, which is why PMs need creative selling techniques that offer competitive advantages for the guests and at the same time mean an additional revenue for the agency. 

Sappiamo tutti che il nostro settore sta vivendo una delle situazioni più complicate che abbia dovuto affrontare negli ultimi tempi a causa dell’impatto a livello globale del COVID-19 e delle conseguenti restrizioni sui viaggi e istruzioni di confinamento in molti paesi. Adesso più che mai è necessario mantenere la calma e riflettere su come limitare l’impatto che questa crisi genererà sulle nostre attività.

La guida di Airbnb per gli host connessi tramite software

Guide Airbnb pour les hôtes connectés via un logiciel.

Guia da Airbnb para anfitriões que utilizam software.

The impact of Covid19 is being felt strongly by the short term and vacation rental industries. Over the course of next few weeks, we’ll share data trends we are seeing, tips on how to manage pricing during these times, and additional resources. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket below.


We are still working for you and have prepared a variety of e-Training sessions, ranging from deep product immersions, through panel discussions about the current situation and other interesting topics for the development of your business strategies.

Government Measures

Our resource center for staying up to date of all the measures and financial packages that different governments are announcing to support businesses and industries affected by Covid-19

Productos virucidas autorizados y registrados en España que han demostrado eficacia frente a virus atendiendo a la norma UNE-EN 14476. Antisepticos y desinfectantes quimicos.

…queremos ayudar a todos nuestros clientes con información fidedigna sobre las medidas y ayudas para los estados miembros que se están efectuando por parte de la UE, el gobierno de España a nivel nacional y la banca.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​O Turismo de Portugal irá reconhecer as empresas do setor do Turismo que cumpram as recomendações da Direção-Geral da Saúde para evitar a contaminação dos espaços com o SARS-CoV-2 (novo coronavírus).  

Estas são as linhas de apoio e financiamento que Turismo de Portugal lançou para ajudar as empresas no sector do turismo no país incluída no Programa Capitalizar 2018, esta Linha de crédito não abrange as CAE do Turismo desde 28 de março de 2020.


Find out the initiatives, information and resources of the different Vacation Rental Associations during the Covid-19 outbreak to help members and the industry face this uncertain time.